Bow & Arrow, 'Rhinestones' (Pinot/Gamay) 2018

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Bow & Arrow Winery, a project of Scott Frank in the city of Portland, sources fruit from Willamette and works with classic varieties. But where most vignerons would say they look to Burgundy as their inspiration, B&A looks to the humble Loire Valley above all else. This blend, Pinot + Gamay, is an homage to Cheverny. The fruit comes from Johan Vineyards, certified biodynamic, who grafted Gamay, Melon, and Cab Franc especially for their relationship with B&A. Aged in a mix of concrete and old barrique, this domestic is what I hope for when I buy red from Cheverny: effortlessly enjoyable, electric and bright, but more complex than you'd see at a glance. The Rhinestones has more concentration than you'd expect to its flavors of date, pomegranate juice, and damp earth, while the bright acidity makes that body feel eminently chuggable.

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