Caravaglio, 'Salina' Malvasia Bianco Secco 2021

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One of a handful of producers on the Aeolian Island of Salina, the Caravaglio family has cultivated salted capers and stellar Malvasia for more than 500-years. Present day patriarch, Nino Caravaglio, is at the helm continuing the tradition, making unique and authentic island wines from old vines on ungrafted rootstock (certified Organic).

Imagine sitting outside a local trattoria on a craggy, wind-swept Sicilian coast. Gazing at the Mediterranean sea, casually sipping a bone-dry, savory white with cool, refreshing flavors of lemon, sea salt and dried garden herbs. Una meraviglia! A perfect match for seafood towers or a nice fritto misto!

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