Day Wines, 'Tears of Vulcan' 2020

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Viognier (44%); Pinot Gris (35%); Muscat (21%)
2020 Tears of Vulcan continues Day's tradition of bright, floral, citrusy, textural, skin contact orange wine. Composed of fruit from two organically farmed vineyards in the Chehalem Mountains AVA, this wine represents both the limitless characteristics of Viognier, Pinot Gris, and Muscat, and the terroir of a specific place, at a specific time. This vintage, the fruit sat on its skins for 8 days resulting in a beautiful copper color, light tannins and hit of umami. This wine elicits endless depth and character. Grapefruit pith and juicy cider apples are complimented by notes of fennel, dried herbs and a touch of white pepper. Organic

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