St George, SMALL Botanivore Gin - 200mL

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Botanivore is aptly named as this gin most certainly is a "botanical eater", 19 different ones to be exact. Sixteen of them are steeped overnight in a neutral spirit to soak and steep. The remaining three--juniper berries, bay laurel, and fresh cilantro--are placed in a basket within the still to have the vapor pass through them. After pot-distillation, this gin is brought down to 45% ABV. 

The aroma is at once bright and complex with floral, spice, citrus, and anise shining through. There's a citrus flavor quickly followed by the piney juniper, cinnamon, and cardamom throughout. Fresh green herbs are present as well, but delicately so. There is so much going on, that there isn't enough room here to discuss them all. Honestly, this is a gin you could enjoy on the rocks with or without a splash of soda or tonic because of it being a cocktail in and of itself, but it certainly could and should be experimented with in modern cocktail applications.

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