The Botanist, Islay Dry Gin 750mL

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The Botanist is a gin comprised of 9 standard botanicals and an additional 22 that were hand-foraged from Islay itself--botanicals like apple mint, heather, red clover, and meadowsweet among many others. The gin is distilled over 17 hours in a Lomond Still (a hybrid column + pot still). It is bottled at 46% ABV.

The nose has a fresh, lemony aroma coupled with spring flowers and a touch of mint. The palate is clean and not too oily with more of the lemon floral notes sticking out. The juniper is definitely just a background player here, but this gin, even with the dozens of botanicals used, doesn't get muddied. This is a gin that would work wonders in a sour or Collins preparation."

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